Youth Ministry



New to NBBC?

Well…You’re invited to come check out the Youth Group at Narragansett Bay Baptist Church! We’re KickStarting 2015, and I know you’ll enjoy and benefit from what’s going on!

Who Are These People?

We’re all normal…well, at least as normal as you. It’s just that our lives have been changed by taking part in something a lot bigger than we are! Have you ever heard about getting involved in something big? THIS IS SOMETHING BIG!! If you don’t believe me, come ask me about it or just come visit us.

And What’s Up With the Band-Aid?

Well…People talk about the world having problems…….and that they want to fix those problems. The BIGGER problem though is that WE are the problem. So you would have to change yourself first. Think about it, the world is made up of a lot of peoples…like you. So, before the world is going to change, you would need to start working on yourself. That’s kind of where the Band-Aid comes in. But we can’t change ourselves, people have tried and soon figure out it doesn’t work like they thought it would. We believe God has a plan to heal this world, and He wants to start with YOU! You probably agree with me on the world needing change thing, but you may never have thought about yourself. Come hear who it’s all about, and in the meantime check out the first short video on this next page –>

What Are the Goals of the NBBC Youth Group?

KNOW GOD – Our desire is to help teens learn and know more about the Great God that we have. We strive to do this through teaching and preaching God’s Word both in large groups as well as in individual discipleship. One critical focus of our time is learning ‘Who God Is’ and ‘What God Does’ in order to better know our wonderful Savior.

LOVE GOD – There must be more than simply a head knowledge of who God is. The Bible tells us who God is and what He does so that we can begin to build and grow in our relationship to Him. We desire to see teens develop a vibrant personal Relationship with God early in their lives.

SERVE GOD – Scripture and life clearly show us that a vibrant, personal relationship is going to have practical effects on a person’s life. We desire that teens would know God, love God, and therefore serve God with their lives. This would look like a life full of a passion and a witness that comes from the Holy Spirit and time spent in the Word of God.


The Youth Ministry is led by Bro. Tom Wiggs. If you have any questions for Bro. Tom you can contact him using the form below: